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Dear Dr. Zaidi,
Just wanted to take this moment to let you know how happy I am with my dentures!
I should have done it years ago! (of course, my partials you made me were great).
I just wanted you to know I can smile again, and the biggest thing is NO ONE THINKS THEY ARE FALSE TEETH!!

Thank you and your GREAT STAFF for everything you have done for me.

Sharon W.

Dear Dr. Zaidi and staff, I want to thank you and your outstanding staff for the wonderful and kind service I received at your office.
Your office is the most professional yet personable than any office I have ever been to.
I am so satisfied with the work and treatment I received. I want to recommend your office to anyone, which I have already done and will continue to do so.
Thank you again very much.


I want to thank Chapel Hill Dental Arts and the staff and doctors for their excellent work and service. You guys made me feel really comfortable and did outstanding work. I really appreciate the time and effort.

Yours truly, Michael P.

After using the same dentist for 25 years, I was reluctant to change dentists when mine retired. To make matters even harder, I started having tooth pain and knew I would need probable non-routine dental procedures at a practice unfamiliar to me. I chose wisely in selecting Chapel Hill Dental. In a 3 1/2 month period, I needed a root canal, oral surgery and 2 crowns! I have found a wonderful staff, doctor and facility at Chapel Hill Dental. Dr. Monique Dardzinski has been so kind and listens intently when a patient is in distress. Dr. John Mullins is a highly skilled oral surgeon with a winning smile and personality to go with it! Meredith is an absolute jewel and a true pro at handling the front desk, assisting in surgery and soothing the frazzled nerves of a patient having anxiety! Katrina is lovely and friendly, with excellent surgery assisting skills. Rosemary Jumper is an excellent office manager of the highest caliber. Praise all around for Chapel Hill Dental.
P.S. I love my new smile!

Sue D.

I just spoke with my mom (88). She got top dentures from Dr. Monique a few weeks ago after losing hers. Dr. Monique and the assistants prepared them in a couple of days- they were very very nice and accommodating. Mom says this morning Dr. M. put them in and they’ve been comfy & perfect ever since. No sore spots, no problems at all. She hasn’t taken them out except to sleep. They stay in very well- she loves them. (and she DOES NOT hand out compliments easily). She’s so happy she wants to visit you and say so- but it’s rather far. So I said I’d send a note to you all. Dr. Monique did a wonderful job and made my mother very happy. Thanks so much. (particularly thanks for the speedy assistance in an emergency situation too. It really “saved” the day.

Sue K.


I have never had a dental experience like this. Every person in the office is happy, considerate and helpful. You can feel “everyone loves what they do”! I have had some painful and terrifying experiences at other dentists. Everyone was so understanding of that fear. And I didn’t even feel pain! The worst part was the fear I had. I would recommend this office to anyone- fearful or not.


I had been grinding my teeth for some time. In the morning my jaw and head ached. Finally, I decided to try the mouth guard at night. After the first week of sleeping with it, I was hooked! I am sleeping better, awake with no pain and my teeth and gums look better than ever! I highly recommend getting one. Thank you Dr. Zaidi and Aimee!

Diane I.

Well organized, friendly and efficient office and staff. Knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. Very customer service oriented. Good experience.


Dear Dr. Dardzinski and co-workers,
Thinking and thanking you for the thoughtfulness and kindness you showed me on May 2nd. I shall never forget you beautiful ladies and your warm, friendly, caring and comforting ways. The world’s a much better place because of people like you. Again, thank you so very much for your kindness and efficiency. Chapel Hill Dental Arts is truly lucky to have you all. Sincerely, D.S. PS: “with a smile”!

I want to tell all of the team that you are wonderful! Especially Dr. Zaidi and my girl Maria. You guys got me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I can’t thank you enough!!!


Dear Dr. Asim Zaidi DMD,
I personally want to advise you on my experience on September 22, 2012 for I believe you should know. I needed to have some dental work done, and from past experiences when I was young, I did have a fear of dentists. But after being at your location last year and again this year, I find your staff totally excellent. I could not give a higher review- from your receptionist Meredith all my fears and anxiety slowly drifted away.
Meredith is indeed a sheer pleasure. She makes you smile and her presence alone is like magic. She is warm, very helpful and extremely friendly and when people visit the dentist they kind of need that. Meredith, thank you sweetheart.
To Dr. Mullins, you give new meaning to see the dentist, a painless visit with the work I had done. I am ok and went to work the next day. I continue to rave on your work.
To Dr. Monique, I thank you for your patience and understanding.
To the office manager, thank you for your help.
and finally to the lab tech who helped with my denture, thank you , thank you.
and please let is be known you have full permission to post this on your website from a person who was scared of the dentist, a thing of the past.
I am one happy Chapel Hill client!

Michael J. Maniscalco

My dentures- I just love them! I never have to take them out they are so comfortable. They fit beautifully and I can chew and eat everything. They look great and I am so happy!

Florence M.

I just wanted to let everyone know what a great experience I always have at Chapel Hill Dental – I had Dr. Traum put an implant in and it was quick, easy and best of all I didn’t feel any discomfort! Then Dr. Zaidi had the task of making the crowns for me and what a wonderful and beautiful result! The color matches my other teeth and you would never be able to tell which ones are not natural. The staff at Chapel Hill always remember me and treat me like a friend when I come in. I am very happy to be a patient in their office.

Elaine M.

Chapel Hill Dental Arts gave me my smile back. Their kind, polite professional care made me feel like family.
My friends and family are amazed at my smile and ask where I got the work done. Dr. Zaidi, Dr. Traum, Maria, Katrina and all the staff- Thank you so much!

J. Richards

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with my new denture. I have received several compliments on how pretty my smile is.
The staff was very helpful in making sure I achieved the results I was looking for. I recommend your service to everyone interested in improving their appearance. Thanks again!

Joyce D.

Please be advised that the attention and quality of professionalism that I experienced at Chapel Hill Dental Arts in Red Bank was first class. Dr. Zaidi evaluated the problem I was having, developed a comprehensive solution and stayed with it step by step along the way. His services are complimented by a team of highly qualified assistants and pleasant and efficient receptionists and office staff. I would highly recommend him

Ira t.

I would like to compliment you on having Heather on your staff. Heather’s service went far above my expectation. She was genuinely sympathetic to my fears and discomfort and retained my concerns at each visit. Heather has superior empathy, attitude and ability to treat even the most difficult patients such as myself. Thanks to Heather, my treatment at your facility was as pleasant and comfortable as possible.


I want you to know how extremely happy I am to see Aimee for my cleanings. She is thorough, efficient and always asks about my well being. Just love her and of course, Jean too.


This was the most pleasurable experience I have ever had at a dentist office. From Katrina at the begining to Dr. Zaidi throughout the whole process. I recommend Chapel Hill Dental Arts to everyone!

Mayor Frank

Your first walk into Chapel Hill Dental Arts is an experience in itself. When you go into an impressive waiting room, you are greeted by a professional, helpful and concerned reception staff. The doctors and staff are dedicated professionals with you in mind.
Everything you need is on the premises so there is no need to go elsewhere. An overall feeling of being part of a family!

Mary L.

Please be advised that I am writing this letter on my own accord and I have not been approached by anybody at Chapel Hill Dental Arts. I approached them.
I woke up on the morning of June 17, 2011, with a weird feeling in my mouth. I was missing a tooth in my denture- a front tooth yet. I looked all around my bed, under, near, took the sheets off. No luck. I went to work, not happy or smiling as well. I looked on the internet during my lunch hour and found Chapel Hill Dental Arts. I sent them an e-mail and I received a response back on Monday morning. I called them on Monday and made an appointment on Thursday, June 23, 2011. I met the receptionist who was kind, understanding, and had really helped me out in a extremely timely fashion. With one hour, my denture was repaired and I was back to smiling. They were extremely professional. The receptionists’ name is Jean. She is very professional, an asset to the company. I would highly recommend them to anybody. A first class organization from the ground up.

Sincerely, Michael J. M.

After several years of dealing with the complications of a full lower denture, I am extremely happy I chose Dr. Zaidi and Chapel Hill Dental Arts for a solution.
A team of skilled and caring professionals including on site lab technicians all worked together to help me acheive a most favorable outcome!
It may sound cliche- but my quality of life has really improved.
“You- your’re good Doc” Thank you.


Dr. Zaidi, Thanks for being so pleasant and patient!

Stephanie M.

I’m just letting you know I had a pleasant experience at Chapel Hill Dental. I followed the advice of Dr. Zaidi and Dr. Traum and it worked out perfectly! The moral: just listen to your dentist especially if it’s Chapel Hill and you’ll be great. Thanks


Dear Dr. Zaidi,
I am a patient of your Red Bank New Jersey location and I must say that I must comment on one of your magnificent employees. Her name is Meredith. She has thru the short number of years that I know her brung me out of the fear of dentists. I know she does not perform any medical procedures, but the relaxed feeling she sets, makes me internally feel very relaxed and at ease. From my first conversation on the phone in 2011 till now, she had made me smile when going to the dentist. Her caring and professionalism is beyond belief. I will continue raving about Chapel Hill Dental Arts. For you have made a 59 year old happy to go to the dentist. Thank you for hiring her. She is a definite asset to your professional company.

Michael J. M.

I have implant dentures and they are just perfect! I don’t even know I am wearing dentures they are so comfortable.


I feel compelled to let you know how very pleased I am with the results of my “dental journey”. If I do say so myself; I look terrific. Dr. Zaidi’s guidance assisting me with making the right choice resulted in my excellent outcome. You truly exceeded my expectations. For anyone considering dentures, I can’t recommend strongly enough considering implant supported full or partial dentures. This process has given me the confidence and security that I hadn’t had previously.
I would be remiss in not mentioning Dr. Traum’s gentle technique and your staff’s professionalism throughout the entire process.
From a very satisfied patient!

Rita f.

I was having alot of problems with my teeth and then I came to Chapel Hill Dental and met Dr. Zaidi and all of my problems went away!
The staff is great and I am so happy now that I can eat again!

Ann F.

I would just like to pass on a few words about the professional service Dr. Asim Zaidi performed on my “mouth”. Also, thank your receptionist for fitting me in the doctor’s schedule as an emergency patient. Both the doctor and his staff made me feel very comfortable and after the x-rays were developed explained everything in detail. Absolutely no pressure was put on me as to which option I should take. However, I did opt to have five teeth extracted and Dr. Zaidi assured me I made the right decision. Also, taking the impression for my new denture he was very gentle. The real test came when I returned four hours later to have my new dentures put in place. I was surprised how good they actually fit. My gums are healing quite nicely. Also, I am happy with the follow-up care. Now I can actually “smile”. If only you did “Botox” I would be much happier. Thank you Dr. Zaidi.
P.S. I will be glad to refer patients to your office.

Theresa H.

I am new to Chapel Hill Dental Arts. Initially I went there on a not exactly an emergency situation but definitely one that needed attention. I had a crown fall out and needed it to be replaced. My story is after moving to NJ from another state I had not gotten a new dentist for longer than I care to admit. So I went into this office on a chance and in need of help.
The good news is this crown problem lead me to Chapel Hill Dental Arts and Dr. Asim Zaidi’s office for assistance. I walked into the office, which by the way is tastefully done, explained my problem and to my pleasant surprise without any fuss or problem I was able to see Dr. Zaidi that same day. I was so impressed at this initial encounter and appointment. Dr. Zaidi and his entire staff with their friendly, prompt professional attention and concern assessed my problem and came up with a detailed plan. The problem I had has now been fixed and I am a very happy client telling you about my good fortune.
First impressions mean a great deal and I have to say that this same friendly professional attitude and care has been the normal on subsequent visits. All of that on top of excellent state of the art dental care… I consider myself a very lucky person to have walked into Chapel Hill Dental Arts on a chance. So if you happen to be reading my personal testimonial and considering this dental office- Go for it…give them a call or stop by. You will be glad you did. I certainly am.

Patti R.

Plain and simple- “He’s the Best”! I love everything about my denture and all the work I’ve had done. Again, they’re the “best team”!

Patricia D.

I had been passing by this beautiful building and decided to stop in and see about having my dental work taken care of by Dr. Zaidi. I am so glad I did! I had some dental treatment done prior to this because of an accident and was in need of additional work. Dr. Zaidi is so nice and made me feel very comfortable. The entire office staff is friendly and really cares about the patient. My completed treatment is wonderful and because of that my husband is also a patient of Dr. Zaidi’s! Thank you for everything.

Rev. Elizabeth Montgomery

Thank you for your help. You are all so very kind!


The experience I’ve had here with Dr. Zaidi and his staff has been extraordinary. From the moment I came into this beautiful office I was treated with nothing less than dignity and the utmost respect for my privacy. My past experiences with dentists had left me very nervous and apprehensive about dental treatment but Dr. Zaidi easily gained my trust and confidence with his ability to offer options and advice for not only necessary treatment but payment arrangements as well. The well trained staff is friendly, compassionate and helpful. I was able to easily whiten my teeth at home with special trays made in the dental lab here in the office prior to completing my new partial dentures. What a difference it made in my smile- something I never thought was possible to accomplish. A brighter, more youthful look so quickly! Plus, now I can eat all my favorite foods again without discomfort or embarassment. I am referring all my friends to Chapel Hill Dental Arts for their dental work. Thank you, Dr. Zaidi.

Judi S.

I’m a woman in my fifties and when I saw the work done for my new teeth I was amazed. I have worn dentures all my life. These are the best by far. Any changes or work, it was always with a smile. I want to just hug everyone here. Oh, I come from PA- well worth it!

Marion Z.

I now have a white, bright, picture perfect smile thanks to Dr. Zaidi. 10 porcelain crowns that look so natural you would never guess they weren’t my own teeth. I smile every chance I get. Thank you Dr. Zaidi for giving me such a beautiful smile, I am thrilled with the results


My implant retained dentures are wonderful. They are so comfortable and secure now that it feels like having my own natural teeth – I can even chew gum again! I could have saved myself alot of frustration and time if I had only come to see Dr. Zaidi sooner.

Betty J.L

A very pleasing experience with a very professional staff

Lawrence F.

I just wanted to thank Dr. Zaidi and the entire staff for making me feel so relaxed during my procedure. I found Dr. Zaidi the most caring dentist I have ever been to.

Janice B.

Dear Dr. Zaidi: I thought it was time to write you a letter of appreciation. I remember the time when Dr. Detwiler was departing and you coming in to replace her. For me it was a time of trepidation. I want you to know that I am more than satisfied. Your professionalism and skill has been exemplary. I feel your diagnosis of the best procedure for my problem has always been in my best interest. And of course the lady in the lab down the hall produces the best dental partials I have ever experienced.

Sid B.

Wow!! You’ve brought tears to my eyes; I am sooooo very pleased with the results for my case, which was unique in many ways. I am thanking the entire staff for all that was done to produce such amazing work. All are blown away with how natural they look. My recommendations will follow with my smile.

Rubye E.

Everything was very good. I am very happy. I like the dentist and the assistants very much. I could write a whole page about how pleased I was with my experience.


I am very happy with my new dentures. I’m smiling again!

Carmella K.