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Immediate Dentures in Middletown, NJ - Single Appointment Dental Restorations



At Chapel Hill Dental Arts, our modern dental facility is equipped with a complete denture lab to create custom prosthetics that restore the function and aesthetics of your smile. As one of the practices that provide same day surgical denture services in Monmouth County, we are the number one choice for teeth replacement by prosthetics. 

With our team of specialists and experienced staff, you can smile with confidence using custom dentures created or repaired in our lab.  Contact our practice today to schedule a visit.

Immediate Dentures in Middletown, NJReasons to Receive Dentures or Partials 

Most people spend the majority of their life with a full smile, but as you get older, your chances of losing one or more teeth become more likely. Whether due to poor oral hygiene or trauma, many will lose at least one tooth in their lifetime.

When you lose one or more teeth, it’s essential that you receive treatment. Without proper care, you risk further health complications. Bite misalignment, shifting, and jaw pain can occur as a result of teeth being lost.

For some patients, a full or partial denture is required to restore their smile. Although dentures are a highly effective method of treatment, the process can sometimes be long and laborious. Dentists have started thinking of innovative ways to fabricate and use dentures more efficiently.

What Are Same-Day Teeth?

Same Day dentures for surgical patients consist of full restorations that replace several missing teeth or an entire arch. Like most prosthetic appliances, same-day teeth complete an otherwise incomplete or empty smile, and the process of fabrication and placement are greatly expedited.

At our in-office denture lab in Monmouth County, our patients receive the newly fabricated dentures on the same day as their surgical appointment.  Existing dentures needing repairs are most often completed in one appointment.

Patients requiring dentures usually need two appointment prior to the insertion of the appliance.  With same day surgical denture restorations,  your custom made denture is fitted in the morning and inserted later in the same day.  

Same-Day Teeth in Red Bank

Custom denture creation starts with an initial consultation with our dentists and specialists at Chapel Hill Dental Arts. After a cleaning, examination, and a discussion of your concerns, you can learn about the treatment options that are available to you.

A full, partial, or implant-supported denture will be beneficial if you have several teeth or an entire dental arch missing. A denture is the most efficient way to replace multiple missing teeth while creating a result that looks completely natural.

At our Red Bank dental practice,  we have specialists in oral surgery who can perform any necessary extractions and implant placements.  The impressions of your dental arch that were taken previously have been transferred directly to the in-house laboratory and a custom appliance is fabricated.   After a few hours, we then fit your finished denture for you.

Your dentures are customized specifically for your bite alignment and facial structure, allowing them to maintain a perfect fit within your smile. If your dentures require repairs or readjustment at any point, we can make the necessary corrections at our in-office denture lab in just one day.

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